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Chapter 50: Turned Bai Wawa Into A Zombie, Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations, Bai Wawa and Elder Jin were shocked when they saw the situation., Was the Sky Binding Rope cut?, The Sky Binding Rope, the number one treasure of the White Lotus Sect, was made of Meteor Stone and couldn’t be severed by an ordinary blade., Suddenly, Bai Wawa and Elder Jin thought of a shocking possibility: the rusty knife in Ye Li’s hand was the Dragon-slaying Blade., Mr. Shi had told them that the Dragon-slaying Blade was in the vicinity of the Annan Base City, and they had been searching for it for many years to no avail., Since the rusty knife in Ye Li’s hand could cut the Sky Binding Rope, what else could it be but the Dragon-slaying Blade?, “Ye Li, is that the Dragon-slaying Blade in your hand?” Bai Wawa stared at Ye Li and asked., ….., “If I say it’s not, would you believe me?” Ye Li said calmly., Bai Wawa narrowed her eyes. “I can’t believe that the Dragon-slaying Blade we’ve been searching for in the White Lotus Sect for so long is actually in your hands!”, Ye Li thought to himself, as expected, exposing the Dragon-slaying Blade would indeed bring a lot of trouble., But it didn’t matter!!!, As the saying went, when the going got tough, the tough got going. He wasn’t afraid of anyone in this world!, “Yes, finally we found the Dragon-slaying Blade!”, Elder Jin said, his eyes shining., “Aren’t you supposed to think about how to save your lives now?” Ye Li said slowly., As his words fell, Ye Li gave new orders to All Da and Hongye., All Da and Hongye then flew towards Bai Wawa and Elder Jin., Only now did Bai Wawa and Elder Jin realize that they were in a dangerous situation. They looked at All Da and Hongye rushing towards them, their faces turning pale., Elder Jin was fast, being a Tier-4 Evolved Being, so his speed to escape was unquestionable., But Bai Wawa was in trouble. How could he outrun Elder Jin? Even if he exerted all his strength, it would be in vain., “All Da, Hongye, turn Bai Wawa into a zombie,” Ye Li said., Ye Li thought that although Elder Jin had escaped, Bai Wawa definitely wouldn’t be able to., Bai Wawa was knocked to the ground by All Da, and his face was full of shock., “Now, will you accept being turned into a zombie?” Ye Li looked at Bai Wawa and said calmly., 1 j 11, Bai Wawa looked at Ye Li in horror. What was the difference between being turned into a zombie and being dead, “Not answering means you accept it. All Da, begin,” Ye Li said., As his words fell, All Da bit into Bai Wawa’s arm., The speed at which a Tier-four zombie spread the corpse poison was almost unbelievable. In an instant, Bai Wawa turned into a zombie., Ye Li took a look and found that Bai Wawa had become a Tier 1 zombie, which was not bad., More importantly, Bai Wawa looked cute now., He appeared to be around seven or eight years old, fair and clean. After turning into a zombie, his eyes became unfocused., Ye Li checked Bai Wawa’s attributes., Bai Wawa: Tier 1 zombie., Zombie Skill: Absolute Defense, Attribute: Defense, Ye Li was momentarily stunned. He thought that Bai Wawa was quite good. He even automatically obtained a zombie skill!, After thinking for a while, Ye Li felt that Bai Wawa was worth cultivating. He would be his third cultivated zombie., Alas, things were really unpredictable., An old enemy had now become his zombie. Who would believe this?, Ye Li felt a bit idle, so he continued to find zombies to synthesize in the South District of Tongcheng., After two days, Ye Li synthesized Bai Wawa into a Tier 2 zombie., And he had successfully upgraded to a Tier 2 Evolved Being., The repair progress of the Dragon-slaying Blade had reached 20%. It wouldn’t be long before the Dragon-slaying Blade would be fully repaired and unleash its true power..

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