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Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 50 - Breaking in

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Chapter 50: Breaking in, Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio, Seeing that no one raised any objections, Hao Zhou continued, “Alright, I hope that we can cooperate with utmost sincerity in the next operation, complete the mission successfully, collect the reward and then go our separate ways.”, “To have an effective collaboration, I now invite everyone to introduce their talents and abilities.”, Everyone looked at each other., “I’ll go first.”, Sister Li said, “I have an S-rank support type talent. I can create a perception barrier with a maximum radius of five meters.”, “The barrier can block the perception of external creatures towards everything within the barrier.”, “Under the barrier, even if the zombies see us, they won’t think that we’re living humans and attack us.”, “Sorry to interrupt,” Hao Zhou asked, “Including the mutated zombies?”, “Yes, the barrier is still effective against the Level 1 mutated zombies. As for the higher level mutated zombies, we haven’t had the chance to test them yet, so we can’t be sure for now.”, Hao Zhou nodded, indicating that he understood., It was Kun Ba and Kun Ta’s turn., The older brother, Kun Ba, spoke in slightly stiff Chinese., “The two of us have been practising boxing since we were young. After we entered the game, we also obtained skills related to boxing mastery. We can increase the power of our boxing for a period. It’s very effective against ordinary zombies.”, As he spoke, Kun Ba threw a punch at the big tree beside him., “Bang!”, A muffled sound rang out., The big tree swayed and more than ten leaves fell to the ground., A deep fist mark was left on the tree., “After equipping the iron gauntlets, the power can increase further.”, Hao Zhou looked at Fang Heng., “It’s your turn.”, Fang Heng pondered for a moment., The people in the team were all capable, so he needed to show off his skills., Fang Heng took out the butcher’s machete from his backpack., Everyone looked at Fang Heng silently., They could tell that this machete was very heavy., “I won’t go into detail about my talent. It’s a support type, so I can’t use it in combat.”, “As for combat, my character’s attributes are relatively high, and my equipment is also pretty good.”, The few of them fell into silence., Good equipment? Character’s attributes were relatively high?, What kind of self-introduction was this? Why did it sound like he was bragging?, Fang Heng saw everyone’s doubtful gaze and could not help but raise his machete and wave it in the air a few times. Then, he displayed the butcher’s machete’s attributes to everyone., “You guys can take a look at the attributes.”, It was a piece of fine-grade equipment!, What a high damage rate!, The additional skills could also be considered perfect., Only the equipment requirement became the greatest flaw of this weapon., There was a sudden change in the way they looked at Fang Heng., The value of this machete itself was quite high. It was sold for at least 5,000 survival points., In other words, he was not boasting when he claimed that he had better equipment., Moreover, equipping the machete required 9.5 strength and 8.5 physique., Since he could be equipped with this machete, it meant that his attributes were indeed much higher than ordinary players…, What level was he at? His character’s attributes had already met the equipment requirements for the machete?, From this, it could be deduced that his talent attribute should be some sort of attribute enhancement., No one said a word as they secretly speculated in their minds., Hao Zhou began to estimate the overall strength of the team in his heart., At first glance, Fang Heng and the Kun brothers were the main force, specializing in combat., Sister Li, on the other hand, favoured logistical support., “If there are no problems, we can ask the federation to notarize it now.”, After everyone finished discussing, Old Black brought everyone back to the warehouse., He spent 500 survival points to complete the notarization at the federation notary, and he even transferred 150 King of Gods’ points to the federation notary in advance., At that time, Fang Heng could directly look for the federal staff to collect the mission reward after completing the mission., “I wish you good luck. I’ll wait here for your safe return.”, …, After the preparations were completed, Hao Zhou led the team to a small hill on the east side of Hope Town., From here, they could see a large group of zombies gathered in the town from afar., The density of zombies was very high., Hao Zhou spread out the map that he had prepared beforehand., “I’ve conducted a check beforehand. The number of zombies from the east side is the least. After the invasion of the town, we can reach the Community Hospital after turning seven blocks.”, Sister Li frowned and asked, “Based on the jogging speed of ordinary people, how long will it take to reach the hospital?”, Hao Zhou estimated in his heart for a moment and replied, “About less than ten minutes.”, “Releasing the barrier will consume my mental strength. With my current ability, I can only maintain it for ten minutes at most. After that, I need at least two hours to fully recover my mental strength.”, Kun Ba urged, “The time is just right. Let’s do it.”, “No, we won’t make it in time. We’ll also have to take into account the time when we break into the hospital. Along the way, we might have to deal with mutated zombies and we still need to clean up the zombies blocking the road. All of the above will waste time…”, Fang Heng took a bite of the Oreo biscuit in his hand and listened to the discussion without saying anything., A moment later, Hao Zhou, the leader of the team, made a corresponding plan., He used the small explosives he had obtained earlier to blow up the stone statue of the mayor at the entrance of the town not far away., The collapsed stone statue would hit the building next to it., At that time, the explosion and impact would create loud noises., The noise would draw the zombies away, reducing the number of zombies gathered at the east entrance of the town., Then, they would force their way in., They would try their best to gain 3-4 minutes before Sister Li activated her perception barrier., After confirming everything, it’s time to execute the plan!, 10 minutes later., “Boom!!!”, The pre-set explosives exploded., The fallen stone statue hit the building and created a huge noise., Not far from the entrance of the town, Fang Heng was using a whetstone to increase the attack power of his weapon., He vaguely felt the earth under his feet tremble slightly., “It’s a little exaggerated…”, The other members of the team had the same expression., Hao Zhou smiled proudly., “I forgot to mention when I introduced myself. I was in the demolition team when I served in the army.”, “Big brother, you’re really something!”, The loud noise attracted the zombies in the town, and they began to move toward the stone statue., “Let’s go!”, While the zombies in the town were distracted, the five of them gathered and quickly rushed into the town., Smelling the scent of humans, the remaining zombies in the town swarmed toward Fang Heng and the others., Fortunately, the zombies moved slower during the day., The group jogged all the way., Hao Zhou led the way, trying his best to avoid the zombies’ encirclement. He would only counterattack when there was no way to escape., After equipping the gauntlets, the strength of the two brothers, Kun Ba and Kun Ta increased again., The two of them guarded the flanks and could easily kill the zombies with just two or three punches., Fang Heng was guarding the back of the group, holding a machete in his hand., “Chi!”, A head-on attack!, Blood splattered and the zombie charging at them from the right was cut into two halves by the machete., Hint: Your attack has caused ‘dismemberment’ effect., Hint: You have killed a zombie. You have gained 2 survival points., Hint: Your attack has caused ‘dismemberment’ effect., Hint: You have killed a zombie. You have gained 2 survival points., Hint: Your attack has caused ‘dismemberment’ effect., Hint: You have killed a zombie. You have gained….

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