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A Journey That Changed The World Chapter 41 Draconic Form

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The mana storm raged above the spot Archer jumped into the portal. , After gathering all the mana it could, It shot down while vanishing into thin air, but it was only Archer’s Dragon’s Domain letting it in. , The mana poured into his body, forming more of the mana heart that the first evolution stage started. , Kick-starting the second stage of his evolution. , Pure white mana radiated around him. , As he began to evolve, his body started to contort in unnatural ways. , Archer’s hands began to grow larger, as his fingernails sharpened into curved, razor-sharp talons. , His palms started to itch, and he could feel something stirring beneath his skin. , Suddenly, the skin on his hands split, and a pair of long, scaly claws burst out. , Arching his back as his shoulder blades jutted out, growing into a pair of massive white dragon wings. , The wingspan was incredible, stretching far past his small frame. , He flapped his new wings experimentally, feeling the breeze rustle through his hair. , It was an exhilarating feeling, unlike anything he had ever felt before. , His backside was no longer his own, he could feel something foreign growing out of it. , A beautiful glistening white tail, covered in white scales that reflected the sun. , It was long, and it had a thin curved shape, ending with a razor-sharp point. , At first, it felt strange and unwieldy, as if it had a mind of its own. , But as he concentrated on moving it, he discovered that he had some control over it. , He started by flexing the muscles at the tail’s base, making it sway back and forth gently. , Then, he experimented with more complex movements, such as coiling it around his body or snapping it out like a whip. , As he moved his tail, he could feel the power and strength that it possessed. , He could use it as a weapon to strike at his enemies, or he could use it to balance himself when flying. , With each movement, he became more and more comfortable with his new appendage, he did the same with his wings. , The possibilities seemed endless, and Archer felt a sense of excitement and wonder at the prospect of mastering this new part of himself , He used some mana to create a massive mirror on one of the walls to examine himself, and what he saw shocked him. , Four horns sat above his ears, his white scales looked like they’d been upgraded, and they were even whiter than they were before. , He looked at his hands. , Archer flexed his new dragon claws, he could feel the strength and power coursing through his fingertips. , They were a beautiful white color, each talon was long, sharp, and deadly, capable of tearing through even the strongest materials. , He slowly moved his hands, testing the claw’s full range of motion, watching as they glinted in the light with an otherworldly gleam. , Feeling a sharp poking feeling in his mouth so he parted his lips, feeling the new pointy teeth inside his mouth. , He licked his incisors, quickly realizing they were now elongated and razor-sharp, more suited for rending meat than chewing. , The boy tried to speak, but his voice sounded different now, guttural and growling. , The sensation thrilled him, and he flexed his claws and bared his teeth, feeling more ferocious and free with each passing moment. , He could already imagine the uses of his upgrades, ranging from tearing through obstacles to defending himself from adversaries. , Staring at himself through the mirror he saw that he looks even more savage now, with his sharp claws and teeth, his strong wings and tail. , Archer loved the new look but thought the claws and teeth would get annoying and wished he could un-summon and summon them at will. , As he was staring his body started to shift back into his human form, and he noticed that everything vanished apart from his horns, eyes, and scales. , Draconic Form Unlocked- 1500 Mana , Draconic Breath Unlocked- 1000 Mana , He got curious so he selected both of them. , Draconic Breath: A torrent of searing mana burns anything in its path, each element has its own attack , Draconic Form: Allows the user to summon/un-summon his Draconic features at will, activate by saying Draconis , Archer smiled as he activated his Draconic Form again. , ”Draconis.” , He imagined the cottage having a balcony high up. , Archer made his way to the new balcony and once he arrived, he started to flex his dragon wings feeling the muscles ripple beneath his skin. , Taking a deep breath he jumped from the balcony, feeling the wind rush past him. , To his surprise, his wings caught the air, and he soared upwards like a bird. , The feeling was incredible. , He was no longer tethered to the ground, free to explore the world from a whole new perspective. , For a moment, he closed his eyes, savoring the rush of freedom that washed over him. , As he opened his eyes, the boy realized he was flying much higher than he thought, and he could see his Domain spreading out beneath him as far as the eye could see. , Archer could see the trees, hills, and rivers all laid out below him like a map. , Feeling his wings effortlessly carrying him higher and higher, like a true dragon. , With a sense of elation and exhilaration, he swept his wings wide and soared off. , Soaring through the Domain and feeling the wind hitting his face as he sped up. , An hour after he started flying, he decided to land so he could check his status. , He created a comfortable bench before sitting down, Archer found it annoying to sit down at first due to his wings , He dismissed the teeth and claws, but he flattened the wings against his back as his tail moved out of the way. , ”Status.” , Rank: Expert , Exp: 8600/9000 , Level: 76 , HP: 1510>2000 , Mana: 5320 >7000 , Magic: Fire-Water-Earth-Wind-Lightning-Space-Darkness-Light. , Strength: 1200 , Constitution: 1300 , Stamina: 820>1200 , Charisma: 910>1800 , Intelligence: 720>1000 , Draconic Form Unlocked , Draconic breath Unlocked , Spells: Void Blast(4)Cosmic Shield(3)Cosmic Sword(4)Cosmic Enhancement(-)Thunder-step(4)Cleanse(-)Eldritch Blast(4)Plasma Shot(3)Fire Missiles(4)Thunder Wave(3)Call Lightning(2)Fireball(2)Element Bolts(0)Draconic Breath(0) , Skills: Spell Creation(-)Mana Regeneration(-)Regeneration(5)Dragon Senses(-)Short Sword Mastery(4)Aura-Detector(3)Dragon’s Domain(1)Draconic Form(-) , Looking at his status he was pleased, deciding he wanted to chill out before leaving the Domain. , He pulled out some meat wraps and started eating them, while he checked what food and drink he had left. , 31- Meat Wraps, 17- Orcish bacon, 11- Elvern cakes, 10 – Dwarven flatbread, 100- Pastries, 183- Chocolate cubes, 200- Slime Cubes, 170- Fruit cubes, 100- Chocolate pastries, 200- Fruit pastries. ., He had loads of other cubed food, enough to last a while, Archer checked the drinks he had left in his Item Box. , 11-Fizzle Fig, 4- Moon Juice, 14- Dragon’s Tears, 12- Rune Shine, 3- Honey Brew. , ”Damn I need to restock but I do have those orc bodies as a last resort.” , Shaking his head as he continued with the wraps, once Archer was finished he pulled out some chocolate. , He was thinking about what he needed to do. , ”I need to head north, but first I got to find some normal people to get directions.” , Archer finished eating, he pulled out a bottle of Moon Juice as he left the Domain. , As he passed through the portal he suddenly got attacked by a group of cannibals. , He threw the half-full moon juice at the closest cannibal hitting him in the head. , They started to shoot some sort of poison darts at him. , But used his wings to quickly block the attacks, while he did that his ears picked up footsteps running towards him. , ”He’s back.” , ”Get him.” , ”Meat.” , Summoning his claws as he moved his wings out of his way, he pounced forward slashing and tearing the cannibals apart. , Looking around at the carnage he caused, he raised his claws seeing them painted in blood, he dismissed his draconic form and his dragon features vanished. , ”Why don’t they ** off already, this **’s getting annoying.” , Calming down as he checked his mana. , Mana: 5500/7000 , Deciding to test out his Draconic Form, he activated it, and instantly all his dragon features appeared, quickly dismissed it as he checked his mana again. 𝘳𝘦.𝒸𝑜𝘮, Mana: 4000/7000 , ”1500 mana per use.” , Nodding his head while taking out his knife as he looted the cannibal’s hearts and left the area. , Archer headed north, he came across a cliff and stood at the edge while looking down. , ”Defiantly like green hell, all I can see is trees and random birds flying around.” , He turned and continued his walk. , ROAR!~ , He jumped out of his skin when he heard the roar. , ”What the hell is it now?” , ”Have the gods forsaken me!” , Turning around he saw a massive, enraged bear with jagged teeth and fire in its eyes. , The beast roared, pawing the ground and readying itself to charge. , Archer stood his ground, gritting his teeth and preparing for battle. , With a deep breath, he called upon the dragon’s power within him, and a fierce energy surged through his body. , He felt the air humming in his lungs. , As the bear charged him, he bellowed out a mighty roar, unleashing a torrent of searing violet flame from his mouth toward the bear. , The blast engulfed the monster, catching it off guard and setting its fur ablaze. , It howled in agony, thrashing around in pain and confusion, Archer didn’t let up and continued to unleash his breath. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘪𝘳.𝘤𝑜

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